Will water shortages threaten peace?

Dr. Isis Mejias Carpio with children in Kenya during a global grant project.

Dr. Isis Mejias Carpio with children in Kenya during a global grant project.

By Isis Mejias Carpio, a former Rotary Global Grant scholar. Sponsored by Rotary clubs in Houston, Carpio earned a dual PhD in water engineering from the University of Houston and the University of São Paulo. She will be a panelist at the Rotary Peace Symposium 4-5 June during a session on “The Impending Water Wars.”

Water is a key element in all aspects of life, from health to food security, education, and energy. That is what makes water security so important, and so hard to safeguard. As water scarcity becomes more real, collaboration will become critical.

And I am pleased to find that Rotary is playing a
central role in a worldwide collaborative effort to ensure water security in years to come. I am particularly excited to be attending this year’s Rotary International Convention in São Paulo 6-9 June and for the chance to meet others and speak about my experience in water security issues.

Rotary enabled me to find my passion for water projects. A passion that was transformed to a life-long project. It all started with my first involvement with a water and sanitation global grant in Kenya and my participation as a Rotary Scholar in São Paulo doing research in water treatment. Now, I am thrilled to participate in a new water, sanitation and hygiene global grant project in Uganda for primary schools. This new grant started with a needs assessment by the Water and Sanitation Rotary Action Group (WASRAG), and stakeholders have multiplied since then.

Another key element of the Convention that cannot be missed is WASRAG’s World Water Summit 7 on Thursday, 4 June. This year’s topic is “WASH in Schools.” Thus, the Convention will not only allow me to share my experience with Rotary, but to meet worldwide leaders dedicated to the water cause.

Recently, water shortages have received feature coverage by media outlets around the world. The question remains – will water scarcity have a direct impact on peace and security? During the Peace Symposium, 4-5 June, I am especially excited to participate in the session “The Impending Water Wars,” along with global experts. This session will highlight global challenges related to water resources, different perspectives on environmental security, and potential solutions to safeguard our most precious resource. See you there!

Register for the convention by 31 March and save off onsite registration fees

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