Celebrating 20 years of service by Rotaractors in Lithuania

Rotaractors in Lithuania during their annual conference in District 1462.

Rotaractors in Lithuania during an annual conference.

By Laurynas Suodaitis, chair of the council of Rotaract clubs for District 1462 

This past year, 2014, was special to us because not only did it mark 80 years of Rotary in Lithuania, but 20 years of Rotaract in the country. The first Rotaract Club was chartered in Kaunas. There are now eight active Rotaract clubs in Lithuania, drawing together nearly 200 young leaders eager to make a positive change in society.

Our clubs have a history of service to our communities, including the annual rubber duck race sponsored by the Rotaract Club of Vilnius and the Rotary Academy created as a country-wide project by six different Rotaract clubs to provide screening for tuberculosis and distribute prevention information. Serving society motivates us.

We encourage our members to participate in various Rotary events abroad. And in a few years we look forward to hosting one of Rotaract’s European meetings where we will be able to show off our beautiful country.

Learn more about how we are developing future leaders by liking our page on Facebook @ Rotaract Lithuania.

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