World’s Largest Human National Flag

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By Rotary Voices staff

Rotary members in Chennai, India, organized the creation of the world’s largest human national flag on 7 December on the grounds of the YMCA during a Rotary Day event. Rotary members joined 50,000 other people, and formed the blue wheel in the center of the human flag, while RI President Gary C.K. Huang, his wife, Corinna, and other Rotary leaders watched from a podium. After breaking the Guinness World Record, local Rotarians flipped over placards to show the Rotary logo and unfurled a large banner that read “Keep India Polio Free.”

7 thoughts on “World’s Largest Human National Flag

  1. I am filled with gratitude for all that Rotary has done to eradicate polio. Thank you for your work and continued support to the polio plus program. I am a polio survivor from 1948 and I appreciate all your efforts. I will continue sharing my story with my book “All The Steps I Have Taken” and thanking local Rotary Clubs for their continued support.


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