Making the most of Rotary’s online tools

Himal Pandya leads a digital workshop in Gujarat, India.

Himal Pandya leads a digital workshop in Gujarat, India.

By Himal Pandya, a member of the Rotary Club of Bhavnagar Royal, Gujarat, India

We conducted a digital workshop recently to give incoming leaders in Rotary District 3060, eastern India, hands-on training on how to use Rotary’s website and various other online tools to manage their clubs and publicize Rotary’s good works. It was my pleasure to walk participants through how to register on, edit their profiles, share a project on Rotary Showcase, and much more.

Our district leaders were so excited about the results that they called for additional workshops to be held throughout the district to teach incoming club officers. I strongly encourage you to consider conducting a workshop to give your club and district officers hands-on experience with these tools.

Technology is transforming our world, and making it possible to share instantly through social media. We must keep up. As a regular visitor to, I explore the website almost every day for at least an hour. But not every Rotary leader is tech savvy. These workshops assist those less familiar with online tools on how to make the most of Rotary Club Central, Rotary Showcase, Rotary Ideas, Discussion Groups, the Brand Center, this Rotary Voices blog, the Learning Center, and others.

Here’s a brief list of things we taught in the workshop (and great things for you to practice on your own):

  • Registering on
  • Creating a profile and updating it with personal details
  • Entering and updating goals in Rotary Club Central
  • Browsing the news and feature section
  • Participating in discussion groups
  • Browsing projects on Rotary Ideas
  • Sharing a project on Rotary Showcase
  • Using the grant application tool

Include a digital workshop at your leadership training events. You will be surprised at how user-friendly and versatile Rotary’s online tools are.

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