Why your gift to The Foundation makes a difference

Brenda Cressey volunteering at a day care in Mexico.

Brenda Cressey volunteering at a day care in Mexico.

By Brenda Cressey, Rotary Club of Paso Robles, California

November gives us the chance to build greater ownership and pride in our Foundation. We have so much to celebrate. The new grant model, Rotary’s website, our publications, and our new branding effort all focus on building a strong message — the importance of contributing to and supporting our Rotary Foundation.

PolioPlus is highly successful because we believe in our commitment and are getting the word out that we are indeed “This Close” to ending polio. We give to polio eradication because we see very clearly what our money is doing and what we are helping to achieve. We all take pride in knowing that our donations are helping to create a polio-free world.

However, many Rotary members do not have the same pride and ownership in The Foundation’s Endowment Fund and Annual Fund. We are still falling short of our goal in the Every Rotarian, Every Year initiative. Why? Because Rotarians do not fully realize the power of these funds.

The Rotary Foundation’s Endowment and Annual Funds are what make Rotary International more than just an association of Rotary clubs. These funds, powered by your gifts, continue to allow us to share our resources, work together, and take our work to a higher level. Greater Foundation resources allow us greater ability, as Rotarians, to meet the needs of communities locally and throughout the world.

When every one of us donates to the Rotary Foundation at any level every year, it truly connects us to our Foundation’s mission “To Do Good in the World.” Our goal for the Annual Fund in 2014-15 is US$123 million dollars; representing a donation from every Rotarian averaging $100 each.

What can you do to encourage Rotary members to make the Foundation their personal charity of choice?

  • Encourage every member to give from the heart
  • Ask members to share projects on Rotary Showcase to show the results of our giving
  • Invite others in your region to learn more about the Foundation by holding an event this month
  • Thank donors by celebrating those who are already giving
  • Share the value and convenience of giving through Rotary Direct 

We need a strong Endowment Fund for whatever lies ahead. We need a strong Foundation to have the freedom to be ambitious in our service. Today’s gifts to the Annual Fund make it possible for us to witness and take part in great humanitarian efforts. Please join us by making your gift today.

141104_cressey_aboutAbout the author: Brenda Cressey is a member of the Rotary Club of Paso Robles, California, USA, and an Endowment and Major Gift Adviser for The Rotary Foundation, covering parts of California, Arizona, and Hawaii.

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    The District 5130 Rotaract Foundation Dinner North was November 1st, 2014. We had a fun time with our fellow Rotarians and enjoyed celebrating the gifts we our District has made to the Rotary Foundation, Read this article to learn why our donations to the foundation matter.


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  3. .Our support of The Rotary Foundation provides Rotarians with the resources to “Do Good in the World”. But I also give to our Foundation for a selfish reason – it is a way for me to thank Rotary for the positive impact being a Rotarian has had on my personal and professional life. I love being a Rotarian and I cherish my Rotary friendships. Supporting the Foundation is the least I can do for everything Rotary has done for me. – Bill Pollard, Rotary Club of Churchland, District 7600

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