We all have a part to play in ending polio

Marc Prevost on a training ride.

Marc Prevot on a training ride.

By Marc Prevot, Rotary staff

As far back as I can remember, there were always bikes in my home. Since there is no better way to explore new neighborhoods or new cities, I’ve been on bicycles most of my life.

When the opportunity to be part of Rotary’s team for El Tour de Tucson came along, I jumped at it without a second thought. Being an avid cyclist, I already ride several times a week, but this gives me a far worthier motivation than adding miles to my bike.

When I first joined Rotary in 2009, I had no idea that polio was still a threat for so many children around the world. Five years later, I know so much more about this devastating disease and about Rotary’s unflagging effort to eradicate it. In my work as a French translator and interpreter, I’ve come across many stories of lives that were forever changed by the commitment Rotarians made more than two decades ago.

My own contribution, however small it may be, is important because it shows that we all have a part to play in eradicating polio: each one of us can find a way to contribute according to our abilities and interests. Whether you get on a bike and ride alongside your peers, hold a fundraiser in your community, write a letter to your local newspaper, or simply post a message on social media, you can play an active role in ending only the second disease to be eradicated in human history.

Even our Miles to End Polio team consists of cyclists with varying levels of skill and experience. They’re not riding because they are the best at it; they ride because they care. That’s why I’m especially proud to be part of this wonderful team. We’ve already trained together a bunch of times and everybody is doing his or her best to raise funds and awareness for polio eradication – and to get in the best shape possible. I can’t think of a better way to spend my time and energy than to be part of this great initiative with such wonderful people. You can follow me on Twitter @MRPVT to learn more about this wonderful adventure.

Marc Prevot is a French translator and interpreter for Rotary International. He is one of six Rotary staff members who will join Rotary General Secretary John Hewko in biking El Tour de Tucson in Arizona in November to raise money for polio eradication. Read posts from other team members, and learn how you can support the team.

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