Monrovia Rotary Club spearheads Ebola relief campaign

Photo courtesy of Wilson Idahor, Rotary Club of Monrovia

Photo courtesy of Wilson Idahor, Rotary Club of Monrovia

By Monique Cooper-Liverpool, Rotary Club of Monrovia, Liberia

We are just past the five-month anniversary of Liberia’s first encounter with the Ebola virus. We are more than 40 days into a declared national health emergency, a month into a national state of emergency, and on the third week of an imposed national curfew, the first since our civil conflict ended in 2003. Nine international airlines have cancelled or suspended service to Liberia, with only two international carriers continuing to operate, overbooked and overpriced.

As of two weeks ago, 613 lives have been lost to the Ebola virus, a total of confirmed, probable or suspected cases. Countless others have also died because the frail remnants of the decimated hospitals, clinics, and health centers simply cannot cope or health care workers are too afraid to treat more common illnesses or conduct routine procedures.

Support campaign begins

The Ebola virus has hit us at a vulnerable time: we are already on our third successive year of budget short-falls and low global prices in our export commodities, with a resulting high inflation and soaring exchange rate.

Obviously, this has been more than a clarion call for us as the Rotary Club of Monrovia and our Ebola support campaign began at our leadership induction on 4 July. During her speech, our club president, Vicki Cooper-Enchia, committed the club to raise $1,000 to purchase gloves for health care workers responding to Ebola patients. We reached the target that same day and donated 10,000 gloves to the Ministry of Health on 7 July.

Since then, the number of recorded cases has nearly tripled and we’ve also stepped up our resource mobilization and response. Through our club members who work in the Ministry of Health and Liberia’s largest teaching hospital, the John F. Kennedy Medical Center, we established contact with national response leaders to get accurate information on priority needs.

Over the past six weeks, our club has raised $21,000 from organizations, companies, and individuals to support our Ebola response campaign. This tremendous generosity has allowed us to provide urgently needed items to hospitals, Ebola holding facilities, and the Ministry of Health.  As we continue to donate, the needs also continue increasing in efforts to contain this deadly virus.


Our donations to the government have included 10,000 examination gloves, 3,000 pairs of sterile surgical gloves, 1,200 pairs of gynecological gloves, 100 plastic buckets with spouts for hand-washing, 80 PVC covered mattresses for patients in holding and treatment facilities, 120 pairs of rubber rain boots for health care workers, fuel coupons for Ebola response vehicles, soap, bed sheets and mattress covers, tarpaulin for reconditioning a temporary hospital waiting area, and assorted medicines and food items for patients undergoing treatment.

We have set up our project on Rotary Ideas, Rotary’s crowdsourcing platform, where you can learn more about how you can help our effort. We are committed to doing more and are hoping to harness the goodwill of Rotarians around the world.

This post first appeared on Rotary Service Connection

11 thoughts on “Monrovia Rotary Club spearheads Ebola relief campaign

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  2. Seeing this blog on how Rotarians around the world have pitched in to help the Monrovia Rotarians help their fellow citizens is heart warming.
    I am going to propose a contribution from our small club on Tuesday next to help.
    We know the Monrovia Rotarians are very dedicated, as we have partnered with them on the Peanut Butter House.
    Larry Salmen – RC Ft Collins Breakfast
    Dist 5440 – Ft Collins, CO USA


  3. I feel pretty gladdened seeing Rotarians work tirelessly just to restore man’s dignity even in severe health situations as is the case in Liberia. I get more fascinated with Rotary ideals in joining hands with other agencies to see that man’s greatest enemy – “SICKNESS” is eliminated even in critical conditions.
    Felly- Zontal Akosa
    Dist. 9140, Nigeria.


  4. I almost said “it always amazes me how Rotarians are so action oriented” but having been a Rotarian for two years now, I don’t say that anymore – it is the norm! Once again, a great example how Rotarians make a difference in the community. My hat off to you.


  5. Rtn Dr Renuka Desai , DS 7640 , I am involved in fund raising for AFYA foundation which is shipping medical supply to Sierra Leone & Liberia .


  6. I consider this a very good intervention effort by the club in Liberia.We need more of similar initiatives by clubs in the West African sub-region.


  7. hi,
    i’m in république démocratique of Congo, notre pays est victimes de vivre ebola pourriez aider notre ong pheob pour participer au traitement de nos frères ?, en plus notre ong manque de moyens financier pour son fonctionnement.

    merci, cordialement


  8. My friend was asking about the clinic in Sierra Leone where she intends to volunteer after she retires which is soon. Even though Sierra Leone isn’t in the news like Liberia, the government there has taken over all medical facilities including private ones saying it is due to the Ebola outbreak. I have no idea how much Ebola has spread or where to. Thanks for the information.


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