Interactor says Youth Exchange is unforgettable

Youth Exchange students in Europe.

Youth Exchange students in Europe.

By Augusto La Colla, a Rotary Youth Exchange student from Villa Regina, Argentina, to Muenster, Germany

Through my Interact club in Argentina, I learned of an opportunity last year to go on a Rotary Youth Exchange to Muenster, Germany. I want to echo what others have said on this blog, that Youth Exchange is an unforgettable experience.

I had the pleasure of staying with two families in Germany — the Kirchhoffs and Beikers — and I consider both part of my family. Getting to know the German culture, to be a part of it, and to be immersed in it, I developed a new appreciation for my home country, and the world beyond. It made me realize just how amazing this world is, and gave me a desire to work to make the world a better place. 

From left, Tobias Kirchoff, La Cossa's host in Germany, La Cossa, Philipp Kirchoff, and Julian, a youth exchange student from Taiwan during a trip to Switzerland.

From left, Tobias Kirchhoff, my host father in Germany, me, and my host brothers Philipp and Julian during a trip to Switzerland.

I grew so much during the year. I experienced different lifestyles, a different language, and a great deal of new emotions. I allowed myself to explore different ideas and behaviors, and they helped shape my character. The year helped define who I am.

Because I belonged to an Interact club back home, I spent time with Rotaract in my host country, and took part in many enriching activities. It even confirmed my choice of profession. In Argentina, I go to a technical school with a speciality in architecture. During the last month of my exchange, I spent two weeks learning from German architects and engineers, visiting their work.

In October, I traveled around Germany for two weeks with 50 other exchange students, and spent three weeks in Europe in April. I enjoyed Christmas in Germany with my host family, and a wonderful New Years in Switzerland.

One of my newfound German brothers accompanied me on my return trip to Argentina, and I spent time together with both my German and Argentinian families in Buenos Aires.

Because of all these experiences, I am more confident in my ability to make a difference in the world and I believe we can build peace. Anything is possible, if we work for it.

I thank Rotary for this incredible experience. If you have an opportunity, go on a Rotary Youth Exchange. It will change your life.


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7 thoughts on “Interactor says Youth Exchange is unforgettable

  1. Very good, Augusto. Congratulations for a successful year as a Rotary YE student from Argentina to German. Please spread the word about this Program and stay close to Rotary in Argentina, joining Rotex or Rotaract ASAP. Keep in touch with your host families forever. Best wishes! Ivan Vianna, former RYE student in Pennsylvania 1968 from Brazil D-4760.


    • Thanks for your recommendation Ivan! It was so hard to say goodbye to such a wonderful part of the life, of course im going to keep in touch forever! I m working with Interact, Rotex and fortunately i got the chance of being counselor of future exchange students 🙂


  2. Rotary Youth Exchange and Interact, these 2 are most interesting Programs of Rotary. I always love to involve in these assignments!!


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