Together, Let’s Light Up Rotary

Gary and Corinna Huang at Rotary's annual training event, the International Assembly, in January.

RI President Gary C.K. Huang and his wife, Corinna, at the International Assembly, Rotary’s annual training event, in January.

By RI President Gary C.K. Huang

As we begin a new Rotary year, I would like to tell you that I’m honored to be your Rotary International president and to stand with you as Rotary members.

Being a Rotarian is about a way of approaching the world and its challenges. There are many people in this world who need help and many changes that need to be made. It can be overwhelming.

Confucius and Rotary share similar ideas, and one idea from Confucius is that “It is better to light one single candle than to sit and curse the dark.” To me, this means that we shouldn’t lose hope and do nothing.

Instead, do something positive in your community, and let people know that Rotarians enjoy being together and working together. Involve your spouse and family in Rotary. Sharing your love for Rotary will recruit new members and keep current ones, and be the action that lights a candle.

Tell your community about Rotary 

Holding a Rotary Day is a great way to share your love for Rotary with your community, friends, family, Foundation alumni, and Rotaract and Interact clubs. You can make your Rotary Day simple, you can make it fancy, you can make it a whole day or just a few hours. But do something for your community to show people what you do locally and internationally. Make sure your community knows that Rotary is there, Rotary is active, Rotary is fun, and Rotary is doing good work!

Download the Rotary Days brochure to learn more, and share your Rotary Day photos on social media using #RotaryDay.

I appreciate each selfless act of kindness you do and for sharing the love and ideas of Rotary. Thank you for joining me as together we Light Up Rotary!

  • Follow the president’s travels and see how Rotary members are celebrating Rotary Days in The Rotarian magazine and on the president’s Facebook page.
  • Upload your short video (less than 3 minutes) of a Rotary Day event to YouTube by 31 March and send a link with a description to to have your video considered by the president. He will select a winning video, which may be featured on and at the 2015 Rotary International Convention in São Paulo, Brazil.
  • Read more about President Huang in The Rotarian
  • Watch a profile of the president on Vimeo

13 thoughts on “Together, Let’s Light Up Rotary

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  2. Congratulations President Gary. I couldn’t make it to Sydney but we met at the Institute in Jerusalem where you infected us all with your enthusiasm to Light up Rotary. Together we will make it. Let’s wish each other a great Rotary Year. PAG Seth Asiama, Kumasi East.


  3. Heartu CONGRATULATIONS dear Rotary International President Gary C.K. Huang and best wishes! Rtn Gaston KABA, National Chairman PolioPlus Committee, Niger


  4. Congratulations Gary & Corinna. You were great in Sydney! Carolyn & I are looking forward to being your Aides in Denver this September!


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  7. We hope Rotarians will heed to the appeal by our President that we should regard our helping hands,our thughtful heads and our compassionate hearts to network in doing good and in a variety of ways-Gbemisoye Tijani


  8. Congratulations once again to RI P Huang on your 1st day in office of the Rotary Yr 2014-2015.Your adopted quotes of Confucius is timely and timelessly relevant to the challenge of Rotarians as international citizens who should not buck pass nor give excuse for not doing something that should lift barriers in the communityy.Using our God given talents and skills and our compassionate hearts we ought actually to LIGHT UP ROTARY and help to make community better where ver we are !GBEMISOYE TIJANI,PP PHF 1


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