Day two plenary reaction

Jack Sim

Jack Sim, founder of the World Toilet Organization, speaks at the Rotary International Convention in Sydney.

We reached out to Rotarians to hear what they thought of today’s plenary speakers: Jack Sim, founder of the World Toilet Organization (WTO); Professor Martin Silink, president of the International Diabetes Federation; Tommy Spaulding, a former Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar and leadership expert; and Brett Lee, Australian cricket star.

Here’s what they had to say:

The presentation from Martin Silink was just fantastic. The story that he told and how that resolution was passed was remarkable. He saw the need and carried on with it, as Rotarians do. They see something and run with it. That is what Rotary is all about.– John Norris, Rotary Club of Toronto, Australia.

I like the way there was a segue from Mr. Toilet who has a UN Day into Martin [Silink] who fought for a UN Day for diabetes. Both are world problems. Then it [plenary] led into leadership. For me seeing how Rotary took a young life [Spaulding] and made him into such a great leader was remarkable.. The speakers showed how Rotary can change the world. — Tania Mace, Rotary Club of Lane Cove, Australia.

Doctor Toliet [Sim] was really funny but had a good message to pass on… The professor [Silink], he encouraged us to never to give up and this is something Rotarians need to learn from. Never give up, even when the odds seem to be stacking up against you…Brett Lee has an amazing organization — Zaki Dorkham, Rotary Club of South Bundury, Australia.

As a new club officer I really appreciated what the speaker on leadership [Spaulding] said. He gave me some ideas on how to recruit younger people in Rotary, which is crucial for not only my club but Rotary as a whole. Each one did something for me in terms of understanding the expansion of what Rotary does. Today taught me about Rotary being a caring organization…I’m the only one in my club here, but I wish I had other members sitting next to me. I was imagining turning to them and saying “Yeah, yeah, we can do something like that. We are interested in literacy and being here I feel like I can connect with an international club. — Betty Mceary, president-elect of the Rotary Club of Oakland Sunrise, California.

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