Book your spot at the barbie (BBQ)

Blessed with mild winters, Australians have the luxury of cooking outdoors all year, which means one thing: good “barbie” (BBQ). Getting together for this traditional fare is a social and culinary institution. And at the heart of any great barbie is a tasty selection of “snags” (traditional Aussie meat sausages).

Pork or beef, this food staple is flavored with herbs and spices from around the world and typically is served on slice of bread with your choice of tomato sauce, BBQ sauce, or mustard. Top that off with a grilled onion, some potatoes and you have a taste of an Australian tradition.

Rotary clubs of Australia are firing up the grill for convention attendees during The Great Aussie BBQ on Sunday, 1 June. Club members will serve up a variety of snags and other great food from noon to 3 p.m. at the Cathy Freeman Park near the main plenary hall. Join the fellowship and fun and book your spot today.

1 thought on “Book your spot at the barbie (BBQ)

  1. Hello, I have attempted to make a booking for the BBQ for 2 people (self and wife) at this time but the prompt will not allow me to book. I see the email was only received earlier this morning. Can you please advise on what I need to do to make a booking.

    Kind regards

    Tony Goddard

    District Governor D9550 2013-14

    Ph: (H) +61 747833215

    Mob: 0407027757




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