Recruiting for the Paul Harris Society

Yale Jones

Yale Jones

By Yale Jones, Rotary Club of Taos-Milagro, New Mexico, USA 

This year, I undertook the responsibility of Paul Harris Society coordinator for District 5520 in the charter year of this new giving program. As a leader for any new initiative like this, you never know what the response will be, but I saw it as an opportunity to share my passion for the work I am able to do through The Rotary Foundation with other Rotarians. 

With high hopes, I took to the road in my district starting last August, hoping for the best.  My focus has been to share the good we create by funding Rotary projects. We all get busy with our lives and with keeping our Rotary clubs running smoothly. So we need a reminder from time to time how the service projects our Foundation makes possible are doing good in our communities and around the world.

Two of the first events I spoke at were club meetings for the Rotary Club of Santa Fe and Taos Milagro of Taos, New Mexico. At the first of those meetings, I saw nine people sign up. In the second, another 10. As of today, 44 people in my district have signed up, putting our district well on the way to our goal of 71 new Paul Harris Society members.

The response has been amazing. My wife, Barbara, and I joined the effort because we believe so deeply in the mission of the Rotary Foundation and the service performed by Rotary members around the world. Rotarians are already giving so much to their communities in so many ways. I have been inspired watching Rotarians jump at the chance to be charter members of the Paul Harris Society. I feel like I am experiencing a truly historic moment.

4 thoughts on “Recruiting for the Paul Harris Society

  1. i am in kenya and like to partner or join you in changing our community.i will be graetful if call me.God bless you so much for good work.we have org call friends of baraka youth org


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