The room where Rotary began

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By Dick Galitz, president of the 711 Club, at the rededication of Room 711 on the first floor of RI World Headquarters in Evanston, Illinois, USA

It’s very special to be standing in front of the rededicated Room 711 on this occasion. It is a special room. When you go into the room, you can just feel, I can feel, the atmosphere and sense of four guys getting together and saying “let’s build a fellowship.”

When they first started, they were talking about business exchange. But within a very short period of time the concept of service came about. They said we have to do more than just be businessmen to businessmen. It’s an opportunity to be of service to others.

This room is where it all began. When Rotary members walk in, they are feeling that perception in their own heads. During the centennial convention in 2005, we had thousands of people come up here to see Rotary Headquarters as well as Room 711 (then located on the 16th floor). Everyone was impressed with what the room said to them and the feeling that they got about the starting of Rotary International.

Rotary history is very important to me. I think it’s important to Rotary and should remain important because it’s our story, it’s like a family history. And we are sharing that history. 

8 thoughts on “The room where Rotary began

  1. During the centennial convention in 2005, we had the opportunity to visit Rotary Headquarters as well as Room 711. I, together with my Good lady and many others were impressed with and the feeling about the starting of Rotary International. Rotary history is very interesting to us. Our club is going to celebrate on 23 February a full 111 years of Rotary service! -Sk Abdul Hadi, RC Khulna North, RID-3281, Bangladesh.


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  5. Rotary is very important to me as a polio survivor. Since I published my book in August 2012 “All The Steps I Have Taken” I have spoke to local Rotary Groups. Sharing my journey with polio since the age of 6 1/2 months as filled me with encouragement that the job will be done. That al children, world wide, will be able to live without the fear of polio. I “Thank” them for all they are doing with the “End Polio Campaign”. The task is not completed yet. Congratulation. Eradicating polio is dear to me. At age 66 I pray that it will done soon.


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