Why we love Interact

Interactors take part in an outdoor activity during the Famine Camp to raise money for World Vision.

Interactors take part in an outdoor activity during the famine camp to raise money for World Vision.

By Janelle Tai, club service director for the Interact Club of Wesley Methodist School, Sentul, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Fasting from food and drinks except for plain water may sound like an impossible feat for us food-loving Wesleyans, but that’s exactly what we did on one weekend earlier this year for a totally worthwhile cause.

We organized our 30-hour famine camp in conjunction with World Vision Malaysia with the theme of  “Fight Hunger!” In total, 120 students and 5 teacher advisors took part. We had an amazing time. The morning started off with a few ice breakers. Then, everyone headed outdoors for more vigorous activities. The highlight of the night was our Mystery Game.

Through this event, the Interact Club, with the help of our sponsor, the Rotary Club of Kuala Lumpur Diraja, managed to raise a staggering amount of about $3,470 thanks to generous donations by the campers, out of which 100 percent will be channeled to World Vision Malaysia to assist those in need, rebuild homes, and construct better water supply systems. Thanks to this event, many more people will be blessed with clean food and water, as well as safer homes to live in.

We are especially grateful to our principal for allowing us to have this camp, the teacher advisors who starved alongside us, the participants who donated generously and agreed to run around on empty stomachs, and especially the Interactors  who organized the camp.

Being able to make a difference through projects like this one is the reason I love Interact. Find out more about this amazing program and consider joining or sponsoring a chapter.

Adapted with permission from the Wesley Methodist School Interact Club blog

4 thoughts on “Why we love Interact

  1. Your cause was fantastic, and the outcome amazing. How you were able to raise nearly $4,000 as a group is a blessing. Keep up the wonderful work. God’s work, Our Hands. He sets the plan and we can put it into action. It happens every time we set our minds to a worldly plan. I try to let God work through me when I speak to kids about polio and going above and beyond. Rotary has another project that is helping many children world wide. The project of eradicating polio. I am a polio survivor from 1948. I was 6 1/2 months old when polio affected my life. Many surgeries and year of braces on my legs has made my life more challenging but ever so manageable. Now I share my story in “All the Steps I have Taken” published by Inspiring Voices. Merry Christmas to you all and keep up the work that you do.


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