RI President Ron Burton: Engage Rotary, Change Lives

RI President Ron Burton addresses the audience during the closing plenary of the 2013 RI Convention in Lisbon, Portugal. Monika Lozinska/Rotary International

RI President Ron Burton addresses Rotarians during the closing plenary of the 2013 RI Convention in Lisbon, Portugal. Monika Lozinska/Rotary International

By RI President Ron Burton

I’m looking forward to the 2013-14 Rotary year and the immense and humbling privilege of serving as your Rotary International president. During my presidential year, I’ll let you know on the Rotary International president’s Facebook page and in blog posts about some of my travels. I hope this will help you experience some of the magic of Rotary.

I have to admit, during my first year as a Rotarian, I almost missed the magic of Rotary. I didn’t always care for the food and programs at the weekly club meetings, and I thought I had better ways to spend my time. But then my club president asked me to chair the Rotary Foundation committee. Rotary started changing for me after that. I found that the more engaged I became in Rotary and the work of The Rotary Foundation, the more I saw the magic of Rotary and how it changed lives.

That magic may be a little bit different for each one of us, but it’s there for all of us when we really put our hearts into some aspect of Rotary service. For me, my heart is in the Foundation. I feel that every time you donate to the Foundation you’re saying, “It’s my resource, as a Rotarian; and it’s my responsibility.”

Your new governors already have joined me in this and led by example, with 100 percent of them donating to the Foundation. I thank them for their commitment to Rotary, which they’ve shown through their donations as well as facing the challenge of inspiring new members to get more involved and learn about the true meaning of Rotary.

When we really engage Rotary, that’s when lives change. And, at the end of the day, no matter how many lives you reach out to change, the life that will change the most will be your own.

That’s what our theme for 2013-2014 is all about. Engage Rotary, Change Lives.

I look forward to reading your blog comments as well as hearing from you in the Official Rotary International LinkedIn Group.

31 thoughts on “RI President Ron Burton: Engage Rotary, Change Lives

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  4. Congratulation Ron Burton From the side of Rotaract District Committe RID 3292 Nepal Bhutan and on behalf of Rotaract Club of Phulbari (RI Dist 3292) in being the RI President for Rotary Year 2013-14. May your theme of “Engage Rotary Change Lives” kisses the summit of materialization and i ll consistently be involved to explore through rotaract movement of my club and in my community

    *Yours In Rotary Family
    Rotaract ID :- 8369357
    Charter Vice President-2009-10
    President 2012-13
    “Serve to Survive-Drive for Derive”
    Rotaract Club Of Phulbari*
    RI District 3292, Nepal-Bhutan
    Zonal Rotaract Representative-Zone-10
    RY 2013-14- RID 3292
    (*Civil Engineer*)
    GIDA Associates, Nepal
    Co-ordinator-Finance Committe
    Shree Mathureshwor Agricultural Co-operative Ltd.
    Contact/ Cell Number: +977- 984116238, 9808467113
    Skype:- hari.chandra.satyal
    Twitter:- Hari Chandra Satyal
    Facebook :- https://www.facebook.com/harichandrasatyal


  5. Dear RI President Rtn. Burton,

    I am the Secretary of Rotary Club of Orkkattery, District 3202. We would like to publish a Bulletin on 28th July 2013 on our future vision President Rtn. Raveendran challayil’s installation. Kindly send us a Message, so that we could publish it accordingly

    yours in Rotary,
    Rtn. Baburaj, Secretary, Rotary club of Orkkattery(RI District 3202 India)


  6. Congratulations! Wish you a fruitful Rotary Year 2013-14 and hope lot of community service work will be done. Sir I request you In RI District 3272 lot of dirty politics is being carried out. Sometime I think to leave Rotary. Everyone is after leg pulling of others.
    I will request you to Please be Neutral particularly in affairs of RID 3272.Be very watch full/care full things are projected and reported in such a way that it looks real.I am a non political Rotarian & all are my friends.


  7. I m a founder of Rotary club of Gargi’s dist 3170 India . I m very much impressive with the theme ENGAGE ROTARY CHANGE LIVES. The theme tells us our responsibility to community. And then even in our busy schedule we start the work for community .
    Thanks a lot for inspiring us!!!!!!!


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  9. I congratulate new R I President to take the responsibility of Rotary international. I Wish all the Best ,Rotary club of Sylhet central with you.We want to see you extraordinary R I leader.


  10. Rotary my rotary. I joined rotary 7years ago and today l am serving my club(rotary club of Onitsha Gateway( provisional) D9140) as the charter president. What a previlage to serve with RI President Ron and District Governor Charles. We have together engaged rotary and we must surely CHANGE LIVES!


  11. Dear Mr. President,

    Congrats for the RI President. It is almost 8 months i have joined rotary club and trying to dedicate myself to the services of the rotary. But knowing about the rotary itself is taking longer time. May be every club needs a training sessions in the functions of the rotary, for all the newly joined members. Hope this will be implemented in every district, so that the new member knows what is rotary, etc.

    Murthy GVLN


  12. Dear J. McCall, I agree with your comment, but only in part. Like tentacles, Rotary has spread all over the world. Together, we are the ‘boots on the ground’ everywhere. Just as our brain answers calls for help from our body with aid, Rotary’s New Grants process answers calls for help from all over the world, from sponsors. It is up to us to encourage sponsors in ‘inner cities’ to call for help, and it is up to us to answer the call with grant applications to RI!


    • George, Yes, District grants can be leveraged through RI for local projects. Seeking sponsors adds to impact. We can thank Bill Gates for RI’s realization to increase Rotary impact through sponsors.


  13. Dear RI,President Mr. Burton,
    I am a new president of the rotary club of Seoul-South in D-3640.
    Last two weeks, I attended 9 different club president inagural ceremony. It was very much new experience to me and i leared much of new things from the each club.
    Each club, RID-3640 goveriner Mr. Hyun strongly pointed “Engage Rotary, Change Lives”. Also he put great emphasis, “We will do act Governor and President of Club only 1 year out of life, we must enjoy and proud job we will carry.”
    New theme “Engage Rotary, Change Lives”. This will introduce me for new challege of my life.

    Thank you introducing, I will enjoy..

    Sincerely yours,

    Seungmin So/President the RC of Seoul South D-3640


  14. Congratulatins to RI President. The Foundation is important, but for projects locally there is greater importance. Too many international funded projects are funding projects that are needed in our “third world” inner cities. Rotary began in the United States of America. More emphaisi needs to be focused on sustainable projects within our US borders.


  15. Congratulations to Rotary International President Ron Burton !!
    Every president brings a new perspective to our Rotary organization. This enables us to expand in many different directions and move forward. President Ron has the energy, the dedication, and the insight to carry us , with his vision….into the future.
    Let’s follow him !!


  16. Welcome Rtn President Ron Burton, like to be more experienced from your kind input in Facebook as well as in blog.


  17. Dear Mr.President,

    First of all let me congratulate you for your new assignment and wish you all the very best.

    I was a quite an inspiring letter from you. In fact i joined Rotary club ( RI 3020 Chapter 26201 ) on the 07 Feb’13 and hardly completed 6 months with the members and the club. Our new management team is going to take over on the 07 July ’13 and to my surprise the new team has selected me as the chairperson for the community services for the year 2013 -2014. I take it as a honor and also its a privilege for me to serve to the community with my heart and soul into it. I need to know lot more about RI and its services, which am doing in my day to day activities.

    Am looking forward to work with our new team and also to do more projects were we can serve our world.

    Take care

    Thanks & Regards

    Althaf Babjan


  18. Mr. Burton, good luck in your travels this year! I’m very sure you will represent Rotary Int’l very well, all over the world. As Club Secretary, I invite you to stop over in the Western North Carolina mountains and visit the Spruce Pine R/C one Thursday noon as our guest. You’re sure to enjoy the beautiful mountain views! Club #6042, Spruce Pine, NC, USA; D7670, Gordon Shurtleff.


  19. With your interest in Foundation,We wil really Engage Rotary,Change Lives.Congratulations and Welcome Our RI President.


  20. Loved this note from you sir , I am among the youngest in My club , and having joined the club .. rotary Bangalore west Dist 3190 .. I am already the S A A of our Club and have undergone Rotary Leadership Institutes training programmes all Levels , I am enjoying rotary and am Proactively involved in the projects . Your words about putting “heart” into rotary are very touching and inspiring … Thank you sir .


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