Our award-winning blog

We are happy to announce that Rotary Voices has won two 2013 EXCEL Awards from Association Media & Publishing. A blog post from past RI director Grant Wilkins, “Why Congress’ support for polio eradication means so much to me,” received a gold and the blog itself captured a bronze.

We would like to thank all of you who have contributed stories to help make this blog inspiring and captivating, and also all of our readers. We encourage you to keep sending us your stories of Rotary service from the field.

Rotary’s communication staff, helping you tell Rotary’s story to the world, received several other EXCEL awards including:

  • Social Media Strategy, silver, Free Media Tools
  • Rotary Leader, silver, E-Newsletter General Excellence
  • The Rotarian, bronze, Magazine General Excellence
  • The Rotarian, “Lives in Ruins,” silver, Magazines Feature Articles
  • The Rotarian, “The End of Free Water,” bronze, Magazines Feature Articles
  • The Rotarian, “Unemployment,” gold, Magazines Editorial
  • The Rotarian, “Always Carry Toothpaste,” gold, Magazines Column
  • The Rotarian, May 2012, gold, Cover Photography
  • The Rotarian, “Peace in Our Time,” gold, Feature Story Design
  • Global Outlook, A Rotarian’s Guide to Water and Sanitation, silver, Promotional Publications

We encourage you to tap into these communication resources for your own print and online publications. Join us in telling the Rotary story.

6 thoughts on “Our award-winning blog

  1. Rotary is now understandable world over. Congratulations to Rotarians world over for this wonderful feat. i’am delighted. ……..Zontal…..Rotary Club of Awka Metropolis,…Dist. 9140, Nigeria.


  2. I am so proud of my association with Rotary !! We MUST get through that ” final inch!”

    Helen Reisler

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. CONGRATULATIONS. the blog contibute to make know aour ROTARY. sorry fotr my bad English


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