Paul Harris on the role of friendship in Rotary

“If you have the love of your fellow men in your hearts, my friends, you are a potential Rotarian.”

Paul Harris

Paul Harris

On 27 June, Rotary founder Paul Harris gave a live radio broadcast from the 1933 convention in Boston. Near the end of his talk, Harris noted that Rotary is a way of life and the world is full of potential Rotarians.

Celebrate Harris’s birthday on 19 April by listening to his message. How will you share his vision with prospective members you know? Leave a comment below.

7 thoughts on “Paul Harris on the role of friendship in Rotary

  1. I am honoured to be awarded a Paul Harris Fellow. Rotary fills a need for community in the Swan Valley, Western Australia with both a global vision and local impacts


  2. Great feeling to listen to the few words. They will echo in my heart for many years to come.
    Rotary ,Great organization for fellowship and community contribution and community building. Hope to have many Rotarians at our Rotary club of Bajpe, Karnataka , India.
    Tks for the e mail of our PDG Huli Ravi. a man immersed & passionate for Rotary. May the Lord bless him and his family and his efforts.
    Rtn PHF Robert F. Rego
    President , R.C.BAJPE, Dist 3180. Zone 3


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  4. My Dad was honoured to be a Paul Harris Fellow. He loved Rotary and I believe that Rotary filled an important place in his heart. It provided an excellent opportunity to work within a community of liked minded people to contribute to the lives of many.


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