Interactor inspired by Vancouver peace forum

Interactors and Rotarians discuss bullying and gang violence during the peace forum.

Interactors and Rotarians discuss bullying and gang violence during the peace forum.

By Anushka Kurian, a member of the Interact Club of Hugh Boyd Secondary School in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

As an Interactor, I gained a deeper respect for Rotarians and a renewed admiration for their dedication to service last Saturday, 23 February, when I had the privilege of attending a peace forum in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, sponsored by districts 5040 and 5050.

It was an empowering experience to be in a room filled with such positive vibes from both Rotarians and Interactors. Joined by six other members of the Hugh Boyd Interact club, I attended panel discussions and round tables on bullying, polio eradication, and peace. I met Rotarians from both districts and exchanged opinions and ideas about Interact, and its importance to the organization. I was surprised and humbled to see how impressed the Rotarians were by our passion for Rotary’s causes.

Since the peace forum, I look at Rotarians in a new light. More than role models, they inspire me to want to make a difference and contribute to the world just as they do. Their passion, dedication, morals, and care set a great example for younger generations.

I feel as if I speak for all the Interactors who were present last Saturday when I say that the peace forum was an exceptionally inspiring experience. We were all grateful to have been given a chance to take part in the day’s events. It was great to meet the people in whose footsteps we aspire to follow when we reach the age to become Rotarians ourselves.

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