Preparing for the future

Incoming Rotary leaders receive training in the new grant model in January.

Incoming Rotary leaders receive training in the new grant model in January.

By Rotary Foundation Trustee Ashok M. Mahajan

Buddha said “do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” This, in my opinion, is a call for service.

But for Rotarians to undertake projects that change lives, seeing the future is important. We work for a future where people everywhere can live in peace and harmony, enjoy a decent standard of living, and know that their children are safe and have a bright future.

The Future Vision Plan, the Rotary Foundation’s new grant model, is all about looking into the future to fund large-scale, sustainable projects that have a lasting impact. Future Vision moves the Foundation into a second century of service. It will bring about stronger clubs, better projects, increased donor base, greater global reach, increased contributions and enhanced public image for Rotary.

The simplicity of the new grant model is obvious. Twelve different grant types under the old system have been slimmed down to three. Grant-related activities will be processed online.

The Future Vision committee has worked long and hard, and deliberated for many hours, to bring us this plan. At Rotary’s annual training event in San Diego recently, incoming district governors, district Rotary Foundation chairs, and regional Rotary Foundation coordinators were trained on the new model. Now it is our part, as Rotarians, to ensure its successful roll out.

When Rotarians undertake service projects, they find happiness and satisfaction in knowing they are helping create a brighter world for communities that lack the basic necessities of life, necessities addressed by Rotary’s six areas of focus.

Such happiness is not something you put off for the future. It is something you design and plan for in the present. And that is what the Foundation’s new grant model does.

4 thoughts on “Preparing for the future

  1. Stories related by Rotarians who have participated in service projects are the most effective weapon in my club’s “appeal for support” arsenal. Unfortunately, increased minimum project sizes and other requirements make it harder (not easier) for Rotarians to engage in such activities.

    A complete discussion of this inconvenient truth exists at .


  2. Dear Fellow Rotarians Greetings from Prof Punch on behalf of Rotary Club of Tiruchirapalli

    Our Special greetings to all of you on this day – Feb 23, 2013 – the 108th Anniversary of Rotary

    We are just one% away from Polio-Free World Let’s celebrate our Rotary. Let the man on the street know Rotary’s efforts in every sphere of community service activity Build our Public Image

    Yours in Rotary Service Punch


  3. Yes when we undertake these projects it brings happiness and satisfaction having made an impact on communities, however we must never forget to involve the communities that we want to serve and involve them in the process.


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