Promoting polio eradication in Argentina

Rotarians in Argentina display an End Polio Now banner at River Plate soccer stadium. Photo courtesy of District 4855

Rotarians in Argentina display an End Polio Now banner at River Plate soccer stadium. From left José Luis De Laurente, Roberto Fontanella, Federico Frangiosa, Marcelo Frangiosa and Javier Costalonga. Photo courtesy of District 4855

By Marcelo Enrique Frangiosa, governor of District 4855 (Argentina)

On Sunday, 2 December, our district had a very busy and very happy day. It started with a “Polio Plus Fellowship Asado,” a barbecue where more than 150 Rotarians and friends celebrated their friendship, while raising funds for polio.

After taking a “This Close” photo, part of the district polio plus committee and I rushed to the River Plate Stadium to focus even more attention on the polio eradication efforts. Our team circled the soccer stadium proudly displaying the End Polio Now banner.

We placed a picture of the River Plate team holding our banner on our Facebook page, where it received 16,000 views. We also had an article in a major national newspaper. We did similar promotion in other important matches, like in the Racing Club stadium in October, with similar success, and we have schedule some more appearances for this second semester.

We will take another big step in publicizing Rotary and  polio erradication efforts during our upcoming district conference in May, where we will illuminate the Cathedral of Luján, our national saint, as part of a Public Image Grant (formerly PR Grant).

Talk about polio is important to raise awareness for the cause and for the work Rotary is doing globally, especially in a country were the disease has been eradicated.  The more people know the details about what Rotary is and does, the more opportunities we have to make changes in our communities.

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