Dolly’s Imagination Library and Rotary work together to promote literacy

Rotary International and Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library have an ongoing partnership to put books into the hands of children in communities both large and small all across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Since 2009, Rotary International has been working with the Imagination Library to promote early childhood reading. Through the Imagination Library program, a child receives an age-appropriate book each month until age five. Rotary clubs have teamed up with Dolly to bring books to children in more than 300 communities.

In the video above, Dolly thanks Rotarians “for all you continue to do for my Imagination Library.” In honor of International Literacy Day 8 September, read more about Rotary’s work with the Imagination Library. Dollywood Foundation President David Dotson also praised Rotary’s influence in a recent blog post for Rotary Voices.

11 thoughts on “Dolly’s Imagination Library and Rotary work together to promote literacy

  1. I am a member of the San Francisco Rotary Club #2 and I’m a Professor at the University of California, Berkeley. I am working with the Nakuru Rotary Club of the Great Rift Valley on a clean water project for Remba Island, which is in Lake Victoria. I am also helping to set up a mobile library for children in Nakuru. I have a lot of children’s books available here in SF. However, the have to be shipped to Nakuru, which is expensive. Does anyone have any ideas about getting books to Kenya that is inexpensive and faster than shipping by boat? I can send books to anywhere in the U.S. people may be traveling to Nairobi. They can take the books as accompanying luggage.


    • Congratulation John for carrying out such a wonderful projects to benefit the needy. I’m from Rotary Club of Colombo South, Sri Lanka. Our club is carryout donating books for children to improve literacy as Sri Lanka is reputed for maintaining high literacy (more than 90%). We are encouraging children to learn English. Our club is very much interested to work with your club to promote English literacy.

      President 2012/2013
      Rotary Club of Colombo South


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  4. Thank you Dolly for serving above self. Is it possible for Imagination Library to be extended to D9200?


  5. Thanks 4 this good work. I am a Rotarian. Pls can African countries gain from the Library scheme. If yes, pls communities in Ajaokuta in Kogi D9125 n Arochukwu in Abia State all in Nigeria will 4ever b grateful to gain from this. Thanks.


  6. In present days context Dolly is an inspiration for all the Rotarians world over. Rotary made her dream a reality by supporting her “Imagination Library” which is another success story.


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