Less meeting, more doing

Members meet at the Brooklyn Brewery for a social event. Photo courtesy Stephen To

By Stephen To, a member of the Rotary Club of Metro New York City, New York, USA

It’s a Wednesday night at Dopo Teatro Trattoria, as theater goers around Times Square dine at the restaurant before taking in a show. Amid the bustle of activity, a group of young professionals arrive for a totally different reason, to attend a meeting of the Rotary Club of Metro New York City.

On any given night, a special guest is giving a presentation about their organization’s efforts to help those in need, from children in South Africa to victims of sexual exploitation.

A member of the club participates in a National Immunization Day event in India. Photo courtesy Stephen To

The club is part of the Meeting Frequency pilot that allows clubs to meet twice a month instead of weekly. Members are mainly young professionals in their 30s and 40s, many former Rotaractors. They work at pharmaceutical companies, in finance, at the UN, and in academia.

Their main service activities include a coat drive, an annual toy collection and Christmas party for children at St. Francis Xavier church, and monthly participation in the church’s soup kitchen. In addition, the club participates in fall and spring activities to clean up city parks and schools, and raises funds for a variety of local and international service projects. The club has raised $3,000 for art and computer supplies for a local high school.

For several years in a row, the club has received recognition for every member donating at least US$100 toward The Rotary Foundation. It is the recipient of several other awards for polio eradication fundraising and membership growth.

A tradition we call Fellowship at the Bar invites members to retire after the regular meeting to the bar area to visit with members, guests, and prospective members. We also visit as many other Rotary clubs as possible to learn and share. You should see our collection of club banners!

It is inspiring to observe a club grow from less than ten members to almost 30 members in ten years, with an even longer list of achievements and activities. Oh, and the full course Italian dinner is not bad.

Less meeting and more doing should be the club’s motto.

6 thoughts on “Less meeting, more doing

  1. Congratulatios you are doing well,, the Rotarian must work for the needes its our mision. Rotary La Villa del Rosario, Distrito 4380 Club # 74565


  2. Congradulations.I like less meeting and more work like in your club.The projects are saimple and meaningful.The participation of many members is encouraging. Yours is a model to follow. PP.Anthonysamy Francis,PHF. Rotary Club of Seremban, R.I.Dist.3300


  3. Couldn’t agree with you more – thought I would be the first to comment but see our Club Secretary beat me by quite a few days. Although we do have the odd F2F these are few and far between but that does not prevent our Rotary E-club of South Africa D9270 from doing many hands on projects and facilitating whenever we can. Like Irene said, we would love to share ideas. All the very best to your Club for its ongoing success.
    Gerald Sieberhagen
    Rotary E-club of South Africa D9270


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  5. Congratulations, you have incorporated the new Rotary spirit ” lets change and do” am happy to say that this is our Motto as well. We are the first Rotary E-Club in South Africa D 9270 and from very small beginnings now have a membership of 37. Our signature projects revolve around Literacy. Read about us . Our dedicated website is http://www.rotaryeclubsa.org Would love to hear more from you and one never knows we might be able to share a project in South Africa.
    Irene Kotze
    Rotary E-Club of South Africa D 9270 .


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