Providing sanitation, artificial limbs in Lagos

Children wait to use toilets at a primary school in Lagos, Nigeria.

By Suman Ramesh,  president of the Rotary Club of Lagos-Palm Grove Estate, Lagos State, Nigeria

At the Shyllon primary school in Lagos, students lacked proper toilet facilities, using the grounds of the school for their sanitation needs. The smell was often unbearable, and the girls found it embarrassing to use an open toilet. Water is scarce, making the environment very unhealthy and disease-prone.

Learning of this situation, my Rotary club undertook a project to provide 10 toilets and a water tank to provide adequate water during the day. On the day the toilets were commissioned, there was much celebration. Children and teachers joined together in a short dance and singing to mark the occasion.

A working committee has been established to maintain the toilets and keep everything in working order.

It has also brought our club much joy to help manage an artificial limb center. The limbs provide patients who have lost their legs due to accident or disease with the means for mobility and independence. Our club donates about 20 artificial limbs a month. The patients stay at the center free of charge for a few days while their limbs are customized and fitted.

One young boy who lost his leg at a very young age received an artificial limb, and is now learning to play soccer.

Through efforts like these, Rotary is making a difference in the world. Your contributions to The Rotary Foundation help make projects like these possible.

12 thoughts on “Providing sanitation, artificial limbs in Lagos

  1. Good work, President Ramesh: I am Jack Maxwell, from D6110 in USA, and would like to offer the contacts of Rotarians in D5160 in Northern California. D5160 has manufactured and distributed over 11,000 prosthetic arms and hands through their LN-4 foundation. These are delivered to developing countries at no cost to the people receiving them! See: There you will see a video of how these hands work and get people mobility again and allow them to return to a natural life. I hope this may even increase your efforts in Lagos. Jack Maxwell, Rotary Club of Bixby, OK USA.


  2. President Ramesh: Congrats and thanks for bringing out joy in little school children’s life. did you say you fit kids with at least 20 limbs per month? This is a very positive contribution to a very ‘run down’ system. More grese to your elbows and to the Rotary Foundation for making it possible.


  3. Congratulations for the wonderful and useful project for the school. Keep up the good work.


  4. Great projects to help the less fortunate,,,,count our blessings and keep on sharing. Let there be peace everywhere through Rotary Service!


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