My dream of a polio-free Nigeria

Nigerian soccer star Nwankwo Kanu

By Nwankwo Kanu, Nigerian soccer forward, and participant in Rotary’s “This Close” campaign

As a proud Nigerian footballer, I have scored many goals for my country. But there’s one goal I still need to score — I want to help Nigeria kick polio out forever.

Growing up in Owerri, I practiced every day from sunrise to sunset in the hope of one day playing for my country. Through years of hard work and dedication, I have been able to fulfill my dream. But some of our children will never have the same opportunities I did — children who fall victim to polio, a devastating disease that continues to threaten our communities. Many polio victims will never walk again, let alone compete on the football field.

Today, our country has a tremendous opportunity to show the world that we are committed to protecting Nigerian children — and children around the world — from this crippling disease. We cannot let this opportunity slip away.

Read all of Nwankwo Kanu’s guest essay in the Vanguard. Learn more about Rotary’s efforts to eradicate polio.

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