One big smile from Bangkok

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The 2012 RI Convention in Bangkok, Thailand, has drawn to a close. But the event is still leaving a big smile on many people’s faces. On 7 May, exactly 2,012 participants put on yellow and blue jackets and hoods to form Thailand’s Biggest Smile at the Impact Arena for Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. The number 2012 reflected the convention year and the year Rotary members celebrated exceeding Rotary’s US$200 Million Challenge for polio eradication. Read more about the celebration.

The activity also fit in with the RI Convention concept of “The Land of a Thousand Smiles” which conveyed the friendliness of the host country and its people.

The event received major media coverage in the Thailand area and beyond. A photo also appeared on the Photo Blog of, giving excellent exposure to Rotary and its End Polio Now message.

13 thoughts on “One big smile from Bangkok

  1. thanks for posting this BIG SMILE i was a part of it, wearing blue. sat at H. thanks to Bangkok a beautifull innovation


  2. Whoever you are whether in yellow or blue raincoat we were united for a few shining moment in one exciting effort to produce the biggest smile. Is that not fun..


  3. Hi ! …… I was lucky to be a part of this big smile ……. I’m actually a part of the smiling lips (on the left corner) 🙂 …… it was a GR8 experience !!!! 🙂


  4. Hi. Am in the yellow raincoat. One of the best decisions I have ever done. Hooey. I am part og ripleys believe it or not with dear friend olive


  5. Great to see that this Convention was another wonderful opportunity to gather Rotarian from all over the world!!


      • I was in Yellow too in ‘A’ so just close to the left blue eye !!! Nice and friendly time and exchange with people from around the world.
        Thanks to the Thaï organization for this amazing event
        Christine Schieber (France)


    • how can a true Rotarian can forget ? Its amazing. We all enjoyed a lot, made lots o frieand. Thanks to Bankok Rotary Convention


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