Rotaractor makes a splash for deaf and blind children

Brown and O'Neill

Rotaractor Ben Brown and Australian Olympic gold medalist Susie O’Neill at last year’s Splash for Cash.

By Ben Brown, a member of the Rotaract Club of Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia

Four years ago, I took part in my first Splash for Cash, swimming 27 laps to raise money for the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children, in support of children with vision or hearing loss in Australia.

I have a passion for youth and disability, and this Rotaract-lead project has helped me channel that passion. Every year since the first, I have aimed at stretching myself by bettering my mark, lining up sponsors in support of my participation in the swimathon, and extending the number of laps. This year, I am aiming to go more than 100 laps and raise US$2,000.

Rotaract has inspired me to lead and listen with compassion, act with purpose and to apply my role in a Rotaract Club with dedication and distinction. The opportunity to engage in fundraising and humanitarian events, projects and network with Rotaractors internationally is unprecedented.

This week, as Rotary marks Rotaract Week, I have already lined up pledges amounting to an incredible $1,970, surpassing last year. I’m hoping that by pushing my own personal limits I’ll encourage people to dig deep. The generosity of just one person really can help children living with the challenge of a sensory impairment.

To support Ben Brown visit his fundraising page at Splash for Cash.

1 thought on “Rotaractor makes a splash for deaf and blind children

  1. Ben, you make proud to be a Rotarian. Your understanding and compassion for deaf/blind youth is awe inspiring. My former Rotary club build a sixteen unit building to allow deaf/blind persons to live independently. Following that endeavour we purchased and renovated a house as an outreach centre to teach deaf/blind persons and their families to become more independent of on another. The Helen Keller Centre (aptly named) is located on Willowdale Avenue in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. There were several great Rotarians in Toronto-Don Valley club but the visionary that you remind of is a gentleman by the name of Vim Kochar. Keep up the good work, Ben! You are a very special person.


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