India taken off the polio-endemic list

The World Health Organization (WHO) has removed India from the list of active polio-endemic countries, following a year in which the country reported no new cases of the virus. Ghulam Nabi Azad, India’s minister of health and family welfare, announced the decision during the Polio Summit 2012 jointly sponsored by the government of India and Rotary International, 25-26 February in New Delhi. Azad received a letter from Dr. Margaret Chan, head of the WHO, informing him that India’s name had been removed from the list. The wild polio virus remains endemic in three countries: Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Nigeria.

See a video message from RI President Kalyan Banerjee celebrating India’s first polio-free year.

Read “India is no longer polio endemic

4 thoughts on “India taken off the polio-endemic list

  1. Four of us from my area of the world was fortunate enough to have participated in the February 2011 NID in Uttar Pardish. Thanks Rotary! and Thanks World. The PAIN is gone now for the PAN.


  2. Great job from the RI and the Government of India. This shows how so great can be achieved when there is a true collaboration of willing minds.
    For the three countries left where its still endemic.., More effort should be added in areas of enlightenment and true collaboration with the Government and health sectors of these countries, I believe more like that of India will be achieved.
    Great work RI.
    Encouragements to the RI.


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