4 thoughts on “Binota Banerjee leads by example

  1. Once again Rotary’s First Lady has demonstrated Service above self by leading throuigh example.
    Her dedication to her husband, her family and the citizens of Vapi is a model for all of us.
    We are proud of you Binota.
    Keep up your good work!


  2. What a wonderful example to us all from our Rotary International President’s wife – makes me so deeply proud to be a Rotarian!

    Amazing what happens when Rotarians around the world get together to make a difference – just 5 days from now on Saturday 25th February at the end of week long #rotaryday celebrations over 11,000 people at over 100 events around the world organised by Earlyact, Interact, Rotaract , Inner WHeel and Rotary Clubs will swim at the exact same time 1200-1300 for @endpolionow http://www.rotaryglobalswimarathon.org – we really can End Polio Now


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